The Power of Promoting your Brand, is it worth it?

Is it necessary or worth it? Well first off, it is a
billion dollar industry and every company does it in some way shape
or form. But what if your small like a single person with a
tight budget. Well I believe no matter how big or small you
are, it is worth it to have your logo or name or web address or all
the above on something that you can giveaway. A simple pen. First
off it has to write well or it’s useless and is tossed aside,
granted you can get a LOT of pens for a quarter and a dime but
how long do they last and do they write like butter? I always
grab one from my Charles Schwab branch descent pen but does not
last long but I bet there is a box of 1000 in the closet.
Invest in a good one that looks cool. Drinkware is a great
promotion that lasts a long time. I have about 6 on the top
shelf of the cabinet. One from Lipitor, Santa Monica Daily Press,
BTW Sales Co. (thats me) and newly added Hopi Hawks (elementary
school). Add your coffee, tea, water or screwdriver and your good
to go. The thumb drive or
USB drive is the single most popular item that is requested at the
moment. Every size imaginable from 256MB to 16GB. Pre-load them
with some of your company information like your price list and even
your catalog. An awesome tool that has a great price point and ton
of fun shapes and colors. Then we have the
golf enthusiast in the company that loves a decorated polo shirt
and maybe even a dozen Titleist ProV1 to boot. Definitely a
price point of about $23 for a logo-ed polo and a high end golf
ball in a dozen pack can get you into $30-$40. I love a good
polo with a clients embroidered logo on the sleeve in a subtle
color. I believe a polo will be worn much more frequently
when it is on the sleeve. Well there a just a few ideas and I will
be adding more on the text post soon enjoy these and please pass
along all this information.